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Chimney Repairs

Elevating your entire chimney system to its best and preventing future issues before they can occur.

If you aren't sure if repairs are needed, we recommend beginning with an inspection.


Major repairs

When issues crop up and you either discover them or learn of them from a chimney inspection, it's time to make it safe and sustainable with certified expertise.

Here's some of the major repair work we handle:

Chimney re-lining:

This contains all the smoke and gas produced by your fireplace/stove and funnels heat away from important components of your home ... like the frame.

In short, it's not something to be trifled with.

Masonry repair:

Cracking or decaying masonry (such as brick) may be a sign of larger issues, such as water or underlying structural problems.

We may have to rebuild part or all of the chimney, including repointing, replacing problem areas, or building needed extensions.


A constant external threat, water rushing against the chimney erodes it and creates instabilities - or holes.

Minor repairs

These may require less effort, but they're still highly important.

Chimney Cap installation:

A common reason birds nest in people's homes is a damaged or missing chimney cap. Keep unwanted pests and debris out and keep your system safe for use.

Damper replacement:

If you've struggled opening and closing the damper or feel hot/cold air rushing in through the opening, it's time to replace it.

There are two dampers - top sealing installed like a chimney cap, and throat dampers which you may be familiar with ... they're the ones just above the fireplace.

Smoke chamber repair:

If smoke ever drafts back into your home, it's time to repair or replace these.


"It was very evident by the way they went about their work that they take pride in their work."

John Chappell
via 5-star Google review

"They did an excellent job installing a chimney chase, cap, and collar and explained all the details."

Glenn Stracher
via 5-star Google review

"Issues and solutions are communicated well. Repair work is excellent."

Medearis Robertson
via 5-star Google review
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