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Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

Did You Know?

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, every chimney and venting system should be inspected yearly - regardless if it's used regularly.

What Inspection Is Right For You?

All chimney cleanings come with an inspection. We do offer inspections without a cleaning, as well.

Read below to see what's right for you.


The basic inspection

You need this if: You're a repeat First Choice customer that has a recent inspection on-file.


Also known as a Level 1 inspection, this is your basic annual cleaning/inspection combination. As long as you have an up-to-date inspection report (or have had the proper repairs and maintenance done), this is enough.


The full service

You need this is if: You're a new First Choice customer or have a pending real estate transaction.

Known as a Level 2 inspection, these are more in-depth, including using cameras and/or drones to uncover any issues so a plan of correction can be put in place.


The major repair

You need this if: Major chimney issues are discovered

Referred to as a Level 3, these are not common - but necessary if a hazard is discovered in parts of the chimney system that aren't accessible.

It requires special tools and possible removal of parts of the chimney.

What To Expect:

Certified Expertise

All technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and are personally tested by our owner before starting work on customer homes.

Because every detail matters.

Peace Of Mind

Ideally, you're not climbing through your chimney and flue systems often! That means trouble can crop up without you knowing.

Our sweeps include an inspection which prevents further issues and uncovers anything that may be lurking.

A Full Explanation

If we discover any issues, we'll walk you through what they are, how damaging they might be to your chimney system, and the proper course of action to fix.

And we welcome your questions, of course!

Clear Communications

You'll get text reminders confirming your appointment and letting you know when your technician is on the way.

And once the job is finished, you get a report to keep and reference. And of course, should you have questions, we're ready to help!

Book your service today!

If you need a chimney sweep in Macon, Warner Robins, Gray, or other central Georgia areas ... or need a sweep in Savannah, Richmond Hill, Pembroke, or nearby coastal areas ... we're ready to help.

"Went above and beyond what was expected. I would not use anyone else."

Waynette Ford
via 5-star Google review

"Great service, performed a superb job on cleaning and providing a detailed report as specified."

Siggy Tettah
via 5-star Google review

"Punctual on arrival. Clean and neat; I couldn't tell they'd been here when they left!"

Russ Spidel
via 5-star Google review

More Details

We use Snaplok vacuum systems with HEPA filtration that meets EPA standards for every chimney cleaning, and work on a wide variety of chimney designs and types - so we've seen yours before.


Every cleaning also includes clean-up of our work so it doesn't even look like we were there ... well, except for the pristine fireplace!


For our inspections, the primary differences to know are:

First-time customers, real estate-related inspections, or customers who have an outdated inspection (3+ years) on file will need the full clean and inspection (a.k.a. Level 2). This is to protect you because should anything happen to your chimney, the first question your insurance company will ask is if you've had it inspected.


Inspections cover all aspects of the system, but a "full" inspection provides more thorough labor on all components of your system ranging from chimney cap, flashing, and water diversion to the smoke chamber, firebox, and damper. It's really an inside-and-out service that's quite thorough.


With full inspections, we also take a full camera scan of the interior to check for flue damage, missing mortar joints, or anything else that could pose a hazard

Did You Know?

Chimney swifts are migratory birds that are protected by federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If you have them in your chimney - and this is a common issue if a chimney cap is missing or there is damage - we legally cannot interfere with them and will need to wait until they've left to clean your chimney.

Wait until they've left their nest and you don't hear any activity for a week or more, then call us to get it cleaned (and have the necessary repairs done to prevent them from coming back - and they will!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many questions you may have.

Is getting your chimney swept messy?

No, it's not messy - as long as you use professionals such as our team!

Here's the process:


The team lays down drop cloth and/or tarps around your fireplace(s), stoves, etc. to protect your home's interior


The area around the fireplace is sealed as much as possible to contain debris.

HEPA-Filtered Vacuum

We used industrial-strength vacuums equipped with High Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) filters. These do an excellent job at trapping soot, creosote, and tiny particles that get into the air while cleaning so that your home isn't impacted.

Specialized Tools

Our chimney sweeps use specialized brushes and other tools for cleaning that are best for the task.

Clean Up

Once the job is finished, we clean up the area and leave no mess for you.

How long does a chimney sweep take?

For first-time customers using our first-time inspection and cleaning, it will take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the system we're inspecting and cleaning.

For repeat customers getting an annual cleaning, the process usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Who pays for a chimney sweep?

Who pays depends on the context of why the sweep is needed. Usually, it's the homeowner paying for it so they can use their chimney system to its fullest.

But some situations may have other people paying:

Rental properties: The landlord typically pays for this and it's a safety issue, though it depends on what's in a rental agreement.

Sellers: Often during a home sale, the seller pays for a chimney inspection - but this can be negotiated and we've seen buyers be the ones who call us for service.

Home warranty or Insurance: In some cases (such as a covered event or as part of a claim), your insurance or home warranty company will cover the cost. This coverage is not standard, however, and depends on the specifics of your policy. You'll want to call them to find out.

Is it okay to sweep your own chimney?

Yes, it's possible - but comes with significant risks.

Safety: You're working at extreme heights and need proper safety gear and maintenance.

Liability: Should anything go wrong, you could void your home warranty - one great reason why a chimney sweep company that's fully licensed and insured (like us) is a good choice.

Knowledge: This isn't your specialty, but it is ours! In the case of a specialized service, you want specialized expertise that understands what problems signs to watch for - and how to fix them.

Equipment: Specific tools, such as brushes, vacuums, extension rods, and protective gear are all necessary as part of an effective chimney sweeping job.

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